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Session details of RBI 2018

Session 1: Inauguration Ceremony
Importance & Necessity of Risk Based Inspection – Key Tool for Asset Integrity (09.30-11.00 hours)

Opening of Conference with lamp lighting

Inauguration of Exhibition with Ribbon Cutting

Session 2: RBI Implementation, Standard & Best Practices

  • “The 3rd edition of the API 581 RBI standard and application cases in Europe and worldwide”
  • “Holistic Approach of Asset Integrity Management For Higher Operational Efficiency In Petroleum Industries”

Session 3: Optimization of Inspection Plan based on RBI to Maintain Asset Integrity

  • “Risk Based Inspection - Application Strategy”
  • “Integrity Assessment And Residual Useful Life Of High Temperature Pipelines”

Panel Discussion on: Risk Based Inspection & Maintenance plan vis-a-vis
Conventional Inspection and Maintenance Ideologies & Techniques


Session 4: Development of Integrity & Corrosion Management Plan- for Assuring Reliability/ Integrity of Assets

  • “Predictive Corrosion Management”
  • “External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) for Natural Gas Pipeline”
  • “Prioritization of Corrosion Failure Risk and Remedial Measures”

Session 5:  Implementation of Advanced NDT & Inspection Techniques

  • “Pulsed Eddy Currents: Improvements in Overcoming Adverse Effects of Galvanized Steel Weather Jacket”
  • “Current Trends and advanced techniques in NDE practices”
  • “Detecting corrosion damages using Phased Array ultrasound technology”

Session 6 : RBI and HSE Perspective

  • “Secrets to Becoming a Well-Informed RBI (Risk Based Inspection) Professional”
  • “Occupational health and safety/emergency preparedness”
  • “Challenge & Implement in RBI in Oil & Gas Industry”

Session 7: Fitness for Service Evaluation & Case Studies

  • “Root Cause Analysis Of Boiler Tube Failure Due To Hydrogen Damage In High Pressure Boilers, Its Prevention- Some Case Studies”
  • “Risk-based inspection for Aging Ships”
  • “RBI Implementation in Shutdown: A Case Study”

Session 8: Way Forward & Closing Ceremony

Panel Discussion on: Barriers to RBI Implementation and Suggestions for Improvement
Memento Presentation Ceremoney
Way forward to RBI 2019
Closing Remarks and Thank you