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Important Deadlines

SUBMISSION of Abstract:

SUBMISSION of Full Paper:

Delegate Registration:


Call for Abstracts

Technical Committee of RBI 2019 invites authors to submit technical papers on specified technical topics for Oral Presentation or Poster Paper during conference. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300 words and as per the guidelines.
Please send your abstract to:

Who should attend?

Professionals from

  • Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Process Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industry, Onshore / offshore installations, Pipeline
  • CGD, LNG, Power Plants
  • Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding
  • Automobile Sector
  • Inspection & NDT professionals
  • Risk Assessment & its Analysis
  • Corrosion Professionals (Cathodic Protection, Coating, Inhibitor etc)
  • Operation & Maintenance Personnel
  • Design & Engineering Consulting Organizations
  • Corrosion Management Companies
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Leak Detection
  • Engineering and Professional Technical Institutes
  • Vendors Suppliers of Corrosion Related Products
  • Failure Analyst Expert
  • Asset Integrity Professionals
  • R&D organizations
  • Whoever is working related to RBI

Stalls & Exhibition Charges

Display of products & services related to Risk Based Inspection, Risk Analysis, NDT, Inspection, Corrosion Management & Maintenance has also been arranged concurrently to provide a platform to showcase your products and services to the august gathering. The exhibitions shall provide an opportunity to promote meaningful interaction between end users and product/ service providers.

The organizers will provide a well-furnished modern exhibition facility at the venue which can easily be accessed by the participants. This exhibition will be open to all the delegates, visitors and invitees from industry, research and academic institutions during the conference.

The exhibitors will be entitled to the below facilities:

+18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.


Supports & Branding

Sponsorships are solicited from the public as well as private industries, product & equipment suppliers, consultants, overseas companies etc. The conference provides a unique opportunity for sponsoring organizations to promote their products/services to the focused International and National audiences besides having an excellent opportunity to interact with Bureaucrats, Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Academia and marketing professionals.

The following complimentary benefits would be available for the Branding Partners:

+18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

Other Branding Options:-

+18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

Tea/ Coffee Partner - Rs. 50,000/- (USD 1000):
- Companie’s name and logo will be prominently displayed at the conference lunch venue.
- Complimentary no. of Delegates 2.
- Special Acknowledgement & Presence at Tea Breaks.
- Video Display (15 min) of your Products during Tea Breaks.
- 1 Standee Display in the Pre-Function Area.
- 1 Page Advertisement in the souvenir.
- Wide publicity of Logo in Website, Back Stage Banner, Memento Presentation.

Session Partner: Rs. 70,000/- (USD 1400):
Support a conference session will increase your brand value in the conference & establish a ubiquitous presence.
- Complimentary no. of Delegates 2.
- Special Acknowledgment to the company at the Session.
- 1 Standee Display in the Conference Hall.
- 1 Page Advertisement in the souvenir.
- Wide publicity of Logo in Website, Back Stage Banner, Memento Presentation.

Lanyard for Badges: Rs. 40,000/- (USD 800):
Attractive Lanyards will be distributed to the Delegates, invitees, conference speakers,  exhibitors and branding partners. The company will gain high visibility at the venue with the name/logo prominently displayed on each Lanyard. An excellent way to attract visibility and make your presence felt with every attendee.    
- Complimentary no. of Delegates 2.    
- 1 Page Advertisement in the souvenir.
- Wide publicity of Logo in Website, Back Stage Banner, Memento Presentation.

Product Promotion during Tea Breaks - Rs. 20,000/- (USD 400):
- Best option to promote your products, Services & New Technologies to the gathering
- Video Display of your Products during Tea Breaks (in the Projection Screen of the Conference Hall & in LCD in the Pre-function Area).
- Display Duration 15 Minutes.

Display of Standee - Rs. 20,000/- (USD 400):
- Promote your company, products & Services.
- One 4 ft x 6 ft Standee will be allowed to display in the Conference Hall for both the days.
- Standee shall be arranged/brought by the company them self.

Conference Souvenir Rs. 1,00,000/- (USD 2000):
Conference Souvenir will be published with details of participating companies, abstracts (presented during the Seminar), photographs etc. The Souvenir will feature advertisements from the industry and is of tremendous publicity & business value. Also, the e-copy of the Souvenir is going to have a significant number of free circulation (more than 92,000 worldwide) covering almost all the industry, service providers, contractors, supplier as well as end users.
- Sponsors name and logo will be prominently included in the Souvenir.
- Complimentary no. of Delegates 2.
- 1 Page Advertisement.
- 1 Page Company Profile.
- Special Coverage/ Technical write up of 4-5 Pages.
- Wide publicity of Logo & Banner, Logo in Back Stage Banner, Display of Company Logo in Website, Memento Presentation.

Advertise in Conference Souvenir

The advertisement charges in the Conference Souvenir are as follows:

+18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.
Fees mentioned in dollar (USD) are applicable for Overseas Companies.

For advertisement technical specifications are:
Full page A4 Size: 7.75 in (w) x 10.75 in (h)
With bleed Full page A4 Size: 8.25 (w) X 11.75 (h)

Half Page Size: 7.75 in (w) x 5.5 in (h)
With bleed Half Page Size: 8.25 (w) x 5.75 (h)

Bleed Advertisements should have 5mm each all sides extra. Advertisement material should be High Resolution
300 dpi. Color Mode-CMYK, Format- PDF, TIFF, JPEG.

Companies Participated in Past Events