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30th April 2020

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15th July 2020

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25th July 2020

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4th Risk Based Inspection & Maintenance Conference & Exhibition (RBI 2020) is the only initiative in India and one of the few initiatives in the world to conduct a technical conference solely on Risk Based Inspection Technology. RBI will provide an effective platform for Inspection, Maintenance, Risk Managers, Asset Integrity, Operation & Corrosion professionals from various industries like Refineries, Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Petrochemical, CGD, LNG, Fertilizer, Power plants, Chemical/Process Plants, Ship Building, Aerospace, Defence, Automobile etc  for exchanging ideas, acquiring knowledge/ information regarding existing and upcoming RBI procedures, related products and technologies. It also provides a unique networking platform in terms of interaction among professionals from various government and private industries.

The conference will deliberate on the state-of-the-art Risk Based Inspection Technology, Risk analysis, RBI implementation, Integrity Operating Windows(IOW), Leak Detection & Integrity Monitoring, Inspection & NDE Programs and Practices, Corrosion Management Programs, Asset Integrity Management, Engineering Evaluations and Fitness for Service(FFS) Assessments and various other related topics. 

This two-day event will help understand how RBI can be integrated with your existing inspection procedure for developing sustainable asset management strategies.

Call for Abstracts

altTechnical Committee of RBI 2020  invites authors to submit technical papers on specified technical topics for Oral Presentation or Poster Paper during the conference. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300 words and as per the guidelines.
Please send your abstract to:

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Title:                Times New Roman; 14 Font, Bold
Author:            Times New Roman; 12 Font, Bold
Affiliations:     Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic
Abstract:         Times New Roman; 12 Font, 300 – 500 words
Keywords:       Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic, 3-4 max.
                         Number of keywords

Delegate Registration for Conference

Kindly send your nomination/participation details to;

+18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.

 Corporate discount 
10% additional discount if 3 & above nos. of delegates participated from the same organization.
15% additional discount if 6 & above nos. of delegates participated from the same organization.

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Who should attend?

Professionals from

  • Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Process Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industry, Onshore / offshore installations, Pipeline
  • CGD, LNG, Power Plants
  • Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding
  • Automobile Sector
  • Inspection & NDT professionals
  • Risk Assessment & its Analysis
  • Corrosion Professionals (Cathodic Protection, Coating, Inhibitor etc)
  • Operation & Maintenance Personnel
  • Design & Engineering Consulting Organizations
  • Corrosion Management Companies
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Leak Detection
  • Engineering and Professional Technical Institutes
  • Vendors Suppliers of Corrosion Related Products
  • Failure Analyst Expert
  • Asset Integrity Professionals
  • R&D organizations
  • Whoever is working related to RBI



Technical Agenda of RBI 2019

A preliminary agenda for the RBI Conference is as follows:

  • Reliability, Risk Assessment and Analysis, Data acquisition and handling for RBI implementation, Specification of risk ranking level and determination of the respective risk acceptance level.
  • Development and Validation of Risk based Inspection Plans, Opportunities to Improve RBI, Guidelines of various codes like API 580 and API 581, Validation and Extension of Inspection Intervals.
  • RBI for New Plants, Integrating RBI into Plant Management Systems on a Global Basis(Storage Tanks, Piping, Heat Exchanger bundles and Pressure Safety Valves etc).
  • Risk Management in the Chemical Process Industry, Adopting the Risk Based Strategies for enhancing Reliability
  • Survey of Large Losses in the Process Industry, Mechanical Integrity Improvements and Challenges after a major incident.
  • Risk Analysis & Integrity Operating Windows(IOW)
  • Development of a Corrosion Management Plan
  • Current trends & advanced techniques in NDE practices, NDE for
    in-service inspection, NDE for Corrosion Damage Monitoring
  • Inspection & NDE Programs and Practices applied to Pressure Vessels, Piping, PRVs, Storage Tanks, Heaters, Offshore Topsides Equipment, Subsea Systems, Onshore and Subsea Pipelines, Terminals, and onshore and offshore structures. Specification of the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks.
  • Leak Detection & Integrity Monitoring, Equipment Failure Investigations/Equipment Repair.
  • Risk mitigation techniques as a tool for Asset Integrity Management, Engineering Evaluations and Fitness for Service(FFS) Assessments and Remaining Life Analysis(RLA).
  • Plant Hazards and risk mitigation by HAZOP study, Identification of failure/leaks using advanced NDT techniques for effective RBI, Shutdown and Turnaround optimization using RBI Techniques.
  • Various Codes and Standards API, ASME etc.

Panel & Group Discussions:
Topic: Barriers & Suggestions for RBI Implementation.